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Corning Incorporated spends time at our Ithaca Road location

On June 16th and July 14th two teams from Corning Incorporated spent time at our Ithaca Road location.

Their first project involved constructing raised bed planters for gardening activities for our Day Hab program. The new mobile planters are more accessible to those in wheelchairs and will replace aging fixed planters with limited accessibility.

We then put the Corning Incorporated teams to work improving the aesthetics of the current accessible walking path to include flower beds. They also improved the current planter area outside the main entry lobby to create a focal point for families, weeded and mulched the flag pole bed and main sign bed. With last minute notice, the team worked on the Community Garden beds, including weeding, tilling, fence repairs, and raised bed maintenance.

These amazing teams took on a project which utilized new skills and tools. A lot of sweat, laughter, and fun went into their work!

This is the 4th year Corning Incorporated has sent teams to assist our agency during the United Way’s annual “Day of Action”. Their enthusiasm and commitment to volunteer not only shine through their efforts but continue to "mark" them as key contributors to this community!

Thank you Corning Incorporated!

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