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The Impact of Giving

There are countless ways to get involved with our organization. You can volunteer and help directly affect those we serve. We also appreciate those that may not have the time but would like to Donate to help us maintain our high-level of care and services within our community.

Able2 offers supports and advocacy for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to enhance the potential of those we support by creating opportunities to live their best life and be contributors to our community. The impact of your gift will be felt each day by our individuals, their families, and the team at Able2. Through your support, we can provide key services to the community:

•$20 can provide 1 targeted dental x-ray
•$30 can provide 1 hour of art therapy
•$40 can provide 30 minutes of speech or occupational therapy
•$50 can provide 2 hours of respite care
•$75 can provide 1 specialized wheelchair cushion
•$100 can train and certify 1 person in First Aid/CPR
•$150 can provide 30 days of staff support and supplies for our Self Advocacy Group
•$200 can provide 1 specialized lift for an individual
•$400 can replace 1 defibrillator battery
•$500 can provide 30 days of maintenance for our x-ray machine
•$600 can provide 30 days of online access for training our direct support staff
•$700 can provide training for 1 supervisor with National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP)

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