Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Aaron Alsheimer, President

Rita McCabe, Vice President

David H. Eichenauer, Secretary

Debra L. Stanton, Treasurer


Board Members:

Michael Battersby

Steve Hale

John C. Kohena

Ann B. LeMark

Rick E. Lintal

Larry L. Rice

Ted Semesky

Amy L. White, M.D.


Able2 Administration

Leisa Alger, Executive Director

607-734-7107 ext. 9387

Carole Berg, Associate Executive Director of Personnel and Development

607-734-7107 ext. 9385

Donald Hilfiger, Chief Financial Officer

607-734-7107 ext. 9323

Cara Starkweather, Director of Quality Management

607-734-7107 ext. 9332



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